IRS Audit El Paso

So you get an IRS letter that amounts to an audit request. It's not the end of the world. No reason to be fearful. Hopefully your records are complete, that should negate the audit. In any event the best defense is a strong offense. Have your records complete. I make it a rule to not claim a deduction if I can't ascertain it.

If your self employed all the more your records need to be impeccable. I have found that the IRS is interested in fair play and not a vindictive organization. Remember you as a taxpayer have the ultimate responsibility so the old legal adage applies, the burden of proof falls on you. In short the IRS wants to confirm that you can substantiate a deduction, loss or expense that is in compliance with the IRS. The worse that can happen if the audit goes south is jail time. However I'm an optimist by nature, let's think positive and not think along criminal lines. Keep the faith. Be prepared. D Jaquez RTRP

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