Tax Problem Resolution

Tax Problem Resolution should most certainly be left to professionals. Does the IRS or the State of Texas have a lien on your property? A levy on your wages? Or your bank account? DJ's offers full tax problem resolution services. We prepare the necessary forms and represent you before the IRS or the State in order to have a lien and/or levy released. We will institute a payment arrangement plan to fit your current financial situation. Fees are based upon an hourly fee, not a percentage of the tax compromised.

Understanding a Federal Tax Lien

Lien vs. Levy - A lien is not the same as a levy. A lien secures the government's claim against your property to secure payment against your tax debt. A levy, on the other hand, actually takes the property away from you in order to pay the tax debt. If you don't pay or make arrangements to settle your tax debt, the IRS can levy, seize and sell any type of property that you own.

Get first-class experience you can trust!

We have helped many El Paso clients, and we will help you too. A certified public accountant will exceed your expectations by delivering one-on-one expert service to you. In this stressful time, you can rely on us to provide you with the representation you need, no matter how complex your tax matter is.

With a personalized approach..

Focused,. Individualized,. call us to learn more about our personalized approach to handling tax resolution. We'll get started the same day. Don't hesitate, we want to talk to you and give you the successful counsel that you deserve.

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